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Kids Corp Resources

The Resource Center contains websites, articles and downloads for Kids Corporation Partner Programs. Click one of the links below to access additional information for each topic.

Academic Resources

Center for Summer Learning
Visit Johns Hopkins site for great articles, research, information on thematic learning, online seminars and more.

Lesson Plans Page
The ultimate page for searching great lesson plans, organized by subject, grade and themes.

Yahoo Teaching Directory
Great library of websites with lesson plans, classroom management strategies, and information on teaching careers.

After-School-Care Page
This page has everything - monthly themed activities, chat forums, great rainy day ideas and inspiration to keep you going!

Fundraising Resources

America's Charities
America's Charities is a leader in workplace giving campaigns that can help you raise additional money statewide.

Council of NJ Grant Makers
From this page you can download the latest NJ/NY Common Grant Application and a list of funders who accept it.

Foundation Center
Foundation Center is an excellent site where you can research grant makers, look up foundation websites and information, and attend grant writing courses.

List your organization, track industry trends, and sign-up to receive a weekly newsletter with grant notifications!

Staffing and HR Pages

This domestic version of the Peace Corps provides funding, volunteers, paid staff, and scholarships for staff involved with charitable work that serves the nation. A great way to find, attract and keep staff!

This website serves community-minded groups and people and offers inexpensive job ads for dedicated young people looking to make a difference in our community.

Idealist HR Center
Everything a non-profit needs to know about employee management, employment law, employee manual templates, sample forms, etc.

Websites and Articles of Interest

Avast Software
Free virus and security software.

Discover Total Resources: A Guide for Nonprofits
The Mellon Financial Corporation is offering a guide to help organizations discover resources that have been used effectively by a variety of nonprofits. A checklist of resources is included to help nonprofits reduce vulnerability and increase opportunities.

Non-Profit FAQs
A page out of Idealist listing questions and answers on hundreds of non-profit topics.

Philanthropy411 Blog
A website sharing ideas, strategies and resources of interest to people who work in the field of philanthropy.

Tech Soup
Register your charity to order computer programs and software at extremely reduced prices.

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